Westgate Technologies strives to maximize synergy, the modern name of what Aristotle defined since ancient times as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Founder Alex Doaga has a history of building high functioning teams throughout his various ventures and takes great pride in getting the most out of people’s individual skill sets.

Westgate Technologies considers every project as unique and assembles a team of subject matter experts, each with a successful history in a distinct discipline to bring a holistic solution to the plan. Think of it as the team is assembled by the requirements of the project, rather than a static team that may or may not have the specific expertise necessary taking on a project.

Alex Doaga

Founder & President

Growing up in Romania in a family of teachers engrained Alex with several important lessons: One, education and knowledge were the key to a better future. Two, western philosophies and self-determination were a much better fit for his personality and spirit.

It was these core values that would be the roadmap he followed as he would become a dedicated entrepreneur and eventually founded Westgate Technology Corporation, which stands for “Gateway to the West”.

Kirk Bratvold

Director of Software Engineering

Kirk’s career has been focused on building and leading teams in developing innovative smart connected products. In his experience at both well-established industry leaders and at agile and ambitious startups, he takes a pragmatic approach to producing well-crafted systems that fit within project time and budget constraints.

With a background that covers decades of embedded, mobile, systems, and front-end development, Kirk is comfortable working on projects of any scope.

Julius Farkas

Westgate Technology Corp has had an intimate relationship with Synapse Ventures for over 20 years. Company CEO Julius Farkas has collaborated with founder Alex Doaga on many successful projects and joint ventures that require both hardware configuration and production with software development. The latest joint venture was the successful commercialization of GPS and Fleet Management solution for E-Z-Go, a division of Textron TXT (NYSE). The company was sold to Textron in 2017.

Visit the Synapse Ventures Corporation website.

Westgate Technologies Process

Investigation & Understanding
  • Begin with the end in mind. Reverse engineer the desired end result.
  • Develop a high-level understanding of the vision for company evolution and the final exit strategy.
  • Shareholder goals/insights and alignment.
  • Technology roadmap.
  • Business optimization plan.
  • Resource assessment.
Research & Discovery
  • Expert audits and insights.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Technology assessment.
  • Customer insights (if available).
Deliver & Integrate
  • Product roadmap.
  • Process improvement.
  • Milestone roadmap and deliverables.
  • Systems in place.
  • Exit plan aligned with action plan.

Assemble a consulting team that delivers results