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Assemble a consulting team that delivers results.

The journey to your successful project or product launch begins here. Westgate will assemble a customized team of experts depending on your specific requirements.

    Process Analytics
    • Design strategy
    • Systems design
    • Product development strategy
    • Product development roadmap
    • Documentation & certification
    IOT Services
    • Unique Identifiers
    • Human-to-computer Interaction
    • RFID tags for facilitating routing,inventorying, and loss prevention
    • Collecting and sharing data
    Lorawan Network Services
    • Successful Deployment
    • Wireless Communication Technologies
    • End-to-end Security, Mobility and Localization Services
    • Personal Area Network
    • Documentation and Certification
    Business Optimization
    • Industry Benchmarking
    • Eliminating redundancies
    • Streamlining workflows
    • Improving communication
    • Forecasting changes
    • Quality control
    Technology Guidance
    • User Experience
    • Research and development
    • Internal development resources
    • Technology architecture
    • Intellectual property protection
    • Framework for Product/Market fit
    Funding & Investment
    • Financial analysis
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Exit strategy development
    • Other potential sources of investment

    Westgate Technologies Process

    Investigation & Understanding
    • Begin with the end in mind. Reverse engineer the desired end result.
    • Develop a high-level understanding of the vision for company evolution and the final exit strategy.
    • Shareholder goals/insights and alignment.
    • Technology roadmap.
    • Business optimization plan.
    • Resource assessment.
    Research & Discovery
    • Expert audits and insights.
    • Competitive analysis.
    • Technology assessment.
    • Customer insights (if available).
    Deliver & Integrate
    • Product roadmap.
    • Process improvement.
    • Milestone roadmap and deliverables.
    • Systems in place.
    • Exit plan aligned with action plan.