Custom Software and Product Development Consulting Solutions


Your partner for Systems Integration, Software and Product development, from inception to market commercialization.

Unlike other consulting companies that just provide advice, Westgate Technology Corp. has the experience and resources to bring your project through the entire life cycle from inception to market commercialization.

What makes for a good consulting relationship?

The relationship between company management and the leadership consultant is an intimate one. Like any productive partnership, it is built on a foundation of trust and integrity.

Westgate Technology Corp understands there is a lot at stake. Your hard-earned money and/or the money of others. Your family’s financial well being. The pride in building something that is accepted by the marketplace and potential investors.

Navigating acquisition offers is another thorny challenge that founders can face. There are several uncertainties swirling around. Should you sell or forge ahead hoping for an even bigger outcome down the line? Who should you sell to? What will life after acquisition look like?

Westgate Technology Corp has a distinct process (see below) providing trusted and authentic focus throughout the entire evolution of your dream. This process helps you define the functional and emotional needs of your customers to deliver a truly unique user experience.

Process Analytics
  • Design strategy
  • Systems design
  • Product development strategy
  • Product development roadmap
  • Documentation & certification
IOT Services
  • Unique Identifiers
  • Human-to-computer Interaction
  • RFID tags for facilitating routing,inventorying, and loss prevention
  • Collecting and sharing data
Lorawan Network Services
  • Successful Deployment
  • Wireless Communication Technologies
  • End-to-end Security, Mobility and Localization Services
  • Personal Area Network
  • Documentation and Certification
Business Optimization
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Eliminating redundancies
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Improving communication
  • Forecasting changes
  • Quality control
Technology Guidance
  • User Experience
  • Research and development
  • Internal development resources
  • Technology architecture
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Framework for Product/Market fit
Funding & Investment
  • Financial analysis
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Exit strategy development
  • Other potential sources of investment

Meet the Founder – Alex Doaga

Growing up in Romania in a family of teachers engrained Alex with several important lessons: One, education and knowledge were the key to a better future. Two, western philosophies and self-determination were a much better fit for his personality and spirit.

It was these core values that would be the roadmap he followed as he would become a dedicated entrepreneur and eventually founded Westgate Technology Corporation, which stands for “Gateway to the West”.

Alex now uses his unique understanding of technology development and business processes to assist companies in developing new products, optimize their internal processes or otherwise position themselves for success.

Alex Doaga – Founder & President of Westgate Technology Corp.

Westgate Technologies Process

Investigation & Understanding
  • Begin with the end in mind. Reverse engineer the desired end result.
  • Develop a high-level understanding of the vision for company evolution and the final exit strategy.
  • Shareholder goals/insights and alignment.
  • Technology roadmap.
  • Business optimization plan.
  • Resource assessment.
Research & Discovery
  • Expert audits and insights.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Technology assessment.
  • Customer insights (if available).
Deliver & Integrate
  • Product roadmap.
  • Process improvement.
  • Milestone roadmap and deliverables.
  • Systems in place.
  • Exit plan aligned with action plan.

Assemble a consulting team that delivers results